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Positivity is Powerful

Positivity is powerful, especially during this pandemic. Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life's challenges, and Lord knows that we are all faced with more than our fair share of challenges these days. It's easy to feel sad, discouraged, hopeless, and settle for life as it is today as "just being the way things are and there is nothing that can be done about it." That would be a "fixed" mindset. A "growth" mindset, would look at the current situation and decide that yes, the pandemic presents challenges, BUT these challenges don't have to lead to doom and gloom. In fact, we can choose to use these challenges as learning experiences, and grow - both personally and professionally - and still face life with a positive attitude and gratitude for the things that we still have to be thankful for. Accept the challenges, and change the way we do things or view things in order to continue to move forward and look forward to better times ahead. A positive attitude can make all the difference, and there are little things that you can incorporate into your daily routine to encourage positivity.

  • Change your password to your computer to a positive affirmation so that you start each day remembering what a difference it makes to tackle the day with a positive attitude.

  • Take a break from your phone, even if it's just for 15 minutes, to take a deep breath, and take time for yourself to zone out and forget about all the negative things going on around you.

  • Watch a funny TikTok or YouTube video and laugh! Laughing is so good for you - and its contagious! You have the ability to help others laugh too! Why not?

Try incorporating some of these small things into your daily routine and see what a difference it can make. Positivity is powerful. Give it a try!

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